These annual events bring together a variety of regional products and provide you with an opportunity to buy and discover local and sustainable delicacies:

Date Event Link
3.-5. Mar Slow Food Markt Zürich Details
11. May St.Galler Ökomarkt Details
23.-25. Jun Bio Marché Zofingen Details
3. Sep Buuremärt Lange Erlen Basel Details
9. Sep Food Zurich Market Details
10. Sep Fürstenauer Genussmarkt Details
16. Sep Soil Food Market Details
16. Sep alpinavera Markt Ascona Details
16.-17. Sep Marché Bio Saignélégier Details
23. Sep Naturpark Märet Balsthal Details
23. Sep Marché Bio Fribourg Details
23.-24. Sep    Genussmarkt Schloss Wildegg    Details  
23.-24. Sep Local Food Market Details
30. Sep alpinavera Markt Locarno Details
15. Oct Reutenmarkt Zofingen Details
11. Nov Martinimarkt Zürich Details