Here we keep you up to date with the latest technical adaptations and new features on Gourmagine. The changes are shown in chronological order. For the latest Gourmagine content check out our Recipes.

23 March 2023
  • New search and filter functionality
  • Faster website loading speed
  • Updates to the recipe page design

10 November 2022
  • Marking ingredients that are produced locally with ingredients from abroad
  • Improved the display of sustainability indicators
  • Updated the display of additional information for ingredients

01 September 2022
  • Calculating sustainability indicators for recipes
  • Showing CO2 emissions, water use and land use

23 June 2022
  • Seasonality graph for all recipes
  • Improved recipe sharing and downloading
  • Updates to the recipe page design

28 April 2022
  • Improved recipes search and sorting of results
  • Updates to the recipe page design
  • Bugfixes for the layout of channel pages

03 March 2022
  • PDF creation for each recipe
  • Improved recipe cards
  • Faster loading of the website
  • Bugfixes for site navigation

22 October 2021
  • Sharing and embedding options shown for each recipe
  • Improved layouting options for recipe channels
  • Bugfixes for showing local shopping options

12 August 2021
  • Improved regional shopping suggestions
  • Embedding of recipe cards
  • Bugfixes in the website design

30 June 2021
  • Regional shopping suggestions for each recipe
  • Improved navigation at the end of a cooking session
  • Updated design of the website
  • Bugfixes in the sorting and filtering of recipes

21 April 2021
  • Saving the cooking progress
  • Improved navigation in the cooking view
  • Additional information on the recipe pages
  • More details on the recipe cards
  • Improved recipe search
  • Bugfixes in the layout and interface

05 February 2021
  • Improved accessibility of the Gourmagine pages
  • Better fit of image resolution to screen sizes
  • Bugfixes for selecting and switching languages

10 December 2020
  • Improved display of the search results
  • Bugfixes for the ingredients lists
  • Bugfixes for the language-specific URLs

13 November 2020
  • Sustainability tips for selected ingredients
  • A way to provide feedback on recipes
  • More details on the local ingredients indicator
  • Improved navigation in the search results
  • Bugfixes for the cooking view
  • Bugfixes for the ingredients lists

08 October 2020
  • Easier finding and sharing of Gourmagine pages
  • Better and more flexible design for channels
  • Improved timers in the recipes
  • Bugfixes for the ingredients lists
  • A more helpful error page

09 September 2020
  • Faster loading of recipe search results
  • New recipe sorting options
  • Improved layout of the recipe cards
  • Bugfixes for the display of the recipe duration
  • Bugfixes for the breadcrumbs links
  • New icons for the kitchen tools